Corporate Tyre Repairs

Quality At Its Best!

  • A Statement which we strive to uphold.
  • We pride ourselves in having one of the industry's most innovative repair facilities.
  • We strive for Quality in our continuous efforts to improve our products and service.
  • We have a compliment of qualified tyre restoration experts who adhere to our management system and standards.
Corporate Tyre Repairs

Who is Corporate Tyre Repairs:

  • Corporate Tyre Repairs was founded in 2012.
  • The management of Corporate Tyre Repairs has collectively over 30 years experience in the tyre industry.
  • Our Director, Jackie Geldenhuys, has been in the tyre industry since 1997.
  • Our Certified Repair Technicians have collectively over 20 years experience in the repair and restoration of OTR Tyres.
  • Our OTR Repair factory is located in Kathu in the Northern Cape.
Corporate Tyre Repairs

Services offered by Corporate Tyre Repairs:

  • REMA TIP TOP certified OTR Tyre Repairs
  • Scrap OTR Tyre Analysis
  • On-Site OTR Technical Support
  • On-Site Surveys as requested
  • RIM Repairs
  • MPI Testing
  • Supply of RIMS
Corporate Tyre Repairs

Why Repair:

  • The use of quality guaranteed used tyres have been shown to reduce tyre costs by up to 50%. Matching is simplified by changing only one tyre instead of two or more. This results in less downtime to our customers as well as reduced wear and tear on the machines.
  • Preventative maintenance – by doing timeous repairs on tyres, many tyres are saved from premature scrapping.

Why Corporate Tyre Repairs:

  • Our Guarantee:
    Corporate Tyre Repairs used tyres carry a 1000 hour / remaining tread life guarantee on tyres repaired by ourselves.
  • Our Products:
    Corporate Tyre Repairs uses top of the range repair consumables from Germany, REMA TIP TOP, which provides us with the confidence in the hours guaranteed for the repairs of the tyres.
  • Our Service:
    Corporate Tyre Repairs works strictly in accordance with ISO9001/2008 and are in the process of upgrading to ISO9001/2015.
    Our turnaround time is ± 10 working days.
    We repair 20” to 63” rim diameters.
  • Our Factory:
    Our Corporate Tyre Repairs workshop is certified by Rema Tip Top, making us the only Rema Tip Top Certified repair factory based in the Northern Cape.
  • Our Technicians:
    Our Corporate Tyre Repair technicians are Rema Tip Top certified, and we strive to have the best in the business by doing regular training audits and courses as necessary.
  • Our BEE:
    Corporate Tyre Repairs believes that without BEE our company will not expand leading to investment in creation of wealth and economic growth strategy and therefore are Level 2 BEE.
    > click here to view our BEE certificate
  • Our Market:
    Corporate Tyre Repairs’ customer base includes well established companies in the mining field.
Corporate Tyre Repairs

Contact Us

CTR OFFICE: 053 723 1064

Fax #: 086 293 7801

Jackie Geldenhuys: 076 604 8675

Willanie Geldenhuys: 082 966 7194


Address: 18 Kalk Street, Kathu, Northern Cape, 8446